Sunday, July 15, 2012

Danny Garcia king of 140?

Saturday July 14 might have been the day we crown a new king, and a star has blossomed. With what all experts and people said was suppose to be a walk through.  Even the HBO commentators kept on saying on how Khan would be fighting Mayweather after this, and how Danny was being rushed into the spotlight.  After all that I still believed Danny could do what he had to do and that was win.  Pretty or not he was going to win.  Yea lets give Khan credit because when this fight was being rumored I myself thought Khan was taking a risk against a hungry young man.  To me Danny skills are skill being polished, but on and on he has showed he has elite power.  When Khan promised he was going to KO Danny, it really just showed that he was going to go into the trenches and slug it out.  Which if I was in his corner I would have told him not too.  Not the smartest thing to do against a kid that has showed one good punch he can seriously hurt you.  Just ask Morales who all of a sudden now is asking for a rematch too.  That is not because he thought he won, but now Danny is the Cash man in the 140 division.  So he wants to take as much of money with him before he retires.  Now lets look at certain things.  Where does Khan go from here?  If I was in his shoes first thing I would do is take a long vacation, being to weight my options.  I would not move up in class because those fighters in 147 are much stronger and much faster.  So I would stay in 140, and search for maybe a big tuneup style fight.  Maybe convince Bradley to finally fight me which in many boxing heads mind want to see that happen.  Invite Bradley to fight in England, and that could turn out huge numbers.  Plus Bradley is not such a power puncher so Khan would be able to showcase his skills and box him.  That would be a ideal option.  You then have the chance to also fight Alexander, and you could put up a fight with him too.  To me Khan is not done, but he should not fight a power puncher as of right now.  As far as Danny he can just go for the big dogs.  I would go straight to Juan Manuel Marquez, and challenge him.  That would be super big, and it can just sell with the title of Mexico vs. Puerto Rico, which all fans would buy it.  It would bring back memories.  Some may criticize me, but I don't think Marquez is done and he could give Danny lots of problems.  If not Marquez then I would go straight to Lucas, and challenge him.  But after last nights fight I got off the phone with team Danny, and rumor is Zab Judah is already in line for a December fight.  Danny is being considered, and to my understanding Judah team has already sent a offer to fight.  If its true it will be on the under card of Cotto as he fights in December too in Yankee Stadium.  Which of course golden boy will be promoting also, and they will make it big.  To end I just want to say BOXING IS NOT DEAD!!!


Friday, July 13, 2012

Danny Garcia vs. Amir Khan.

So we have this Saturday a fight that many people are over looking, and it should be a good fight.  First on one corner we have Amir "King" Khan who some have said is the best British boxer right now.  He has proved to be pretty good against good competition.  He also has showed he dish out damage, but the biggest question mark is his chin.  Can he take hard shots all night?  Can he go into a war if he has too.  So far his hardest fight he lost, and maybe if the fight with Maidana would have gone 15 rounds like back then he could have lost.  He is very fast, and has a wicked jab, but for some reason his jaw can be touched.  He needs to really on quick movement, and angle punching in order to confuse his opponent.  His power is not questioned because he has flashed that break you down style to literally hit you 2 to 3 punches that by the last your on your knees.   Just ask Maidana who took two body  blows, then 3 seconds later he hit the canvas.  If the case was that he could take a punch then he would be a clear winner with no problem.  That is not the case this time, he is going against maybe a slow fighter.  That does not take risk but also fights with a power some can not see.  I saw Danny fight Morales, and when he dropped Morales it seemed as he would not get back up.  But of course Morales is a tough guy, and he knew if he did not get it he would seriously be done.  That fight some say was boring, and did not show Danny can fight.  Danny did fight very smart countered when needed, box when needed, and exchanged when needed.  Now this fight with Amir, I don't think Danny should exchange.  Rather I see him walking 12 rounds backwards, and throwing counters. By the way it looks one of those counters will impact damage to Amir jaw.  I see it going 12 rounds, and Danny pulls a upset over Amir.  I think Amir is still focused on somehow getting revenge from his Peterson loss, and he is looking past Danny.  I think he is a little too worried about that and moving up to 147.  I like this fight a lot, and I expect fireworks and someone will be touching the canvas.  The thing is also can Danny take a punch?  He has not fought a big puncher other than Kendall Holt, and he really is one of those fighters that can sneak a good one in.  Not really a guy that can go to war with you.  Holt has that one unseen punch that can cause a whole world of issues for anyone.  I do see Amir hitting Danny hard, and even dropping him.  But I think Danny should be able to get up and come back strong.  However it goes should be a good fight, and will be one of those you don't want to miss.


Monday, July 2, 2012

Omar Henry Interview.

Today we have the up and coming contender Omar "OH" Henry.

A.N.T: Omar Henry how you doing?
OMAR: I am good man, feeling good out in Puerto Rico enjoying my vacation.
A.N.T:  I see you are coming off a 10 round demolishing through a very tough opponent, could you run us through your victory?
OMAR:  Well I first want to thank God for allowing me to step in the ring, and also all my family, friends, and fans for the support and watching my fight.  Of course as you saw the guy was tough, but there where times where the referee could have stopped it but hey that is boxing.  No complain from me, but I did what I came to do and that was win.
A.N.T:  It seemed like the guy was taking some serious damage, do you think this fight was critical to your road to a championship?
OMAR:  Of course, biggest reason lots of critics said I would not last 10 rounds, and I proved I did.  I showcased my boxing ability, my defense, ducking and dodging punches.
A.N.T:  OK after you fight they asked you who do you want next?  You called out some names, but rumor is the guys you said are going to fight each other.  Where does that leave you?
OMAR:  It really does not affect me at all, because Don has already signed me up for fights this year, and if all goes well I should be ending this year at 15-0.  That is really where my name will be in the mix.  As of right now I call guys out but lets be honest I do not think they want to fight me.
A.N.T:  Do you think its because your record?  Or because they feel its a step back?  Maybe they do not want to risk a lost?
OMAR:  I think its really the way boxing is now.  Back then you can see people would call you out and in 6 months your in the ring with them.  Now guys like to dodge, and hide in any kind of way.  There is lots of boxers that have said I have no skills, but when they see me in person they act like friends.
A.N.T:  We wont really get into a lot of that, but if a situation arose where a fighter said in articles that you have no skills?  And there team comes out and wants to fight would you?
OMAR:  Of course.  Again I have put in work with champions not chumps. and it seems like some guys love to talk about me.  Maybe there jealous of me or how many fans I have.  I mean again I am calling all 154 fighters. I am ready all they have to do is call Don King and tell them that they want to fight.  I am going to be the king of 154 its a PROMISE!!.
A.N.T: Well Omar thank you for your time I hope you achieve greatness in your career and keep it moving.  Hopefully this year we see more of you in action.
OMAR:  Thanks man, again I want everyone to write down on their calendar July 28 I will be in action again.  Follow me on Twitter @OmarHenry, and look for me on Facebook.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

Omar Henry vs. Erislandy Lara

Well the title of this blog says it all.  Omar Henry vs. Erislandy Lara is currently in the works, and from my sources this rumor is shaping out to be a reality.  Where does this come from? Well....Lara has been complaining that he is not receiving top notch competition, and he has been calling out Canelo.  But on the other side Omar has called all fighters out coming from his 12 victory a 10 round decision.  And he started with K9, then Canelo, but since both might either fight each other, or someone else.  Of course that being if K9 beats Spinks which Spinks is out to win more than ever.  So that leaves lots of names out there, but these two guys somehow have connections.  Omar lived in Houston, trained in Houston, and was fighting out of Houston.  Now Lara same thing almost trains in Houston, lives in Houston, but fights from Cuba.  First both have to get pass their fight in July.  Which for Omar this year is going to be busy, and for Lara its finding that gold at the end of the rainbow.  From what seems to be early for Omar, its perfectly at the right time.  When boxing needs a savior you have these 2 guys that are hungry to become that person.  Yes Lara has fought better opposition, but Omar has sparred and stepped in the ring with the man some might call the lb for lb man out now.  So both mean have had good work, and just saying that Omar sparred top guys doesn't mean he can not hang.  Because yes sparring is a lot different, but it shows a lot when you do 10-12 rounds with these guys day after day.  Omar is a fan favorite and brings a whole international fan base with him.  As far as Lara he brings lots of media that would like to see him shut up already.  Could Omar be that guy that does that?  Or could Lara be Omar's road block to a championship belt.  What is making boxing much more interesting even after lots of controversy is the fact the you guns are really stepping up and taking on guys on top.  Again this fight is still in the works and just stay tune into my blog as I post more updates.  As of right now my sources say this fight is in the works, and if does happen lets get ready to see guns blazing.  From what I know as of right now Omar is ready for sometime in August, and so is Lara.  Its up to both promoters to lay it all down and let all fight fans see a tremendous fight!!!!

Where are you Opponent? Saul Canelo Alvarez

The question is really where is my opponent?  I don't know if maybe the Nike air Yeezy are coming back out  or is it just Canelo's bad luck on not having a opponent?  The kid is ready and he has already lost 3 guys.  One to a tragic accident, the next to.. well lets not get too much into detail but I believe was not prepared, and knew Canelo would take his head off.  Then the next guy just has no kind of heart.  I mean OK lets be real maybe his jaw was broken that serious or just he did not want to continue.  I have seen fighters (Gatti, Ali) that have continued with serious injuries in there fights.  That is what made them PPV guys, and fan favorites.   Because Gatti was not much of a boxer more of a slugger, but he could sell out Atlantic city any day at any time.  Lets be real Victor Ortiz has been on the decline.  Ever since maidana made him his step child he has not been the same.  Yea he did have a tremendous fight with Berto, but even I watched that fight and really thought Berto could have won.  If he continued to apply much more pressure.  Some say I don't like Ortiz, that is not the case.  What I don't like is he has had his chance way too many times, and he fails all the time.  Maybe its time for him to hang it up or just take some time off.  Then later on try to come back.  His name will always ring bells to all boxing fans, but to critics his name wont even slide in through the doggy door.  So by that lets go to the subject; Where is my opponent?  Is what Canelo is demanding so we should look at who is out there still?  Lets start with Saturdays winner Joselito Lopez its all fair and done if he should fight Canelo.  He did beat the guy that was in line for him.  That makes him a much better foe, and  maybe not a quitter.  Because if we all say  the same fight I still wonder how was his face that bad and he stuck in there and kept fighting?  The kid had maybe 2 hearts, and determination.  His case is now open, so Mr. Schaefer lets begin to negotiate with this kid.  Give him 30% maybe and he will still take the fight.  The kid was suppose to be a pushover, but instead he pushed over Ortiz then broke his jaw.  Yea his name does not bring in a crowd, but now it will.  Because people would want to see if he hits that hard even possibly taking out Canelo.  This guy is in drivers seat, and trust me I would not even give Ortiz a rematch.  Let him take time off and rethink what he wants to do.  Another guy that Canelo could fight is Miguel Cotto.  Yea he might not be ready, but he is the biggest name available, but Cotto would want everything to go his way.  Pay wise, glove size, everything and you ask why?  The guy is a champion and brings a huge crowd wherever he goes.  Plus this will spark the old rivalry up again Mexico vs. Puerto Rico.  Which lots and lots of fans love it, its like giving the boxing game steroids.  That fight will pump up fans to keep watching.  Because we all know what to expect from Cotto, a hard fight, a exciting fight, a slug fest if it has to.  Then the same from Canelo will his chin test good against Cotto power?  Will his speed or boxing abilities match Cotto?  There is questions that need anwsers, and maybe just maybe that is the fight boxing needs right now.  So Lets keep it moving what big name is next?  Maybe the underrated fighter named Erislandy Lara?  Some say he does not deserve a shot but lets be 1000% honest and say he did beat Paul Williams.  Being he was the shorter guy and his record did not show a lot of experience.  He has been begging for a chance to prove his legitimate contender status.  I think he deserves one, but he is rushing himself also throw him someone just as hungry?  Hmmm?  Lets say Omar Henry vs. Erislandy Lara?  why not just put that under the Canelo fight.  If I had the pull to make this happen I would.  Of course all I have is sources thats all for now.  But I think if fans petition it it could happen.  Maybe some sort of tournament style involving all those names I just said.  Throw in Spinks, and K9 also give them their chance.  Dont forgot about Angulo he is in the mix.  Throw a big tournament make boxing exciting again.  I just need to own my own promotion so I could make it happen.  I know all of the guys I mentioned would be willing to join.  When they did the super 6, it showed the surge of Andre Ward presence.  Plus the dominating force he is.  Speaking of Him I take him 12 round decision over a desperate Chad Dawson.  Thats all I have for now, but this whole week the question is WHERE IS MY OPPONENT??

Monday, June 18, 2012

Boxing Prospect Career to greatness 2

So I continue my blog on a what I feel are the prospects of boxing and their career to greatness.  First thing before hand it was brought to my attention I was sort of bias on my last blog when it came towards Chavez Jr.  I mean we all are entitled to our opinion and I believe he is not such of a great fighter, nor did I believe his dad was.  I mean if we really want to play that card Salvador Sanchez should have been the greatest Mexican of that time.  The dude had what you call rubber lungs, never did he ever look tired.  Plus he actually fought guys while moving up in class, and out punched, and destroyed big names at that time. The dude only lost once.  But he was the one that stopped Azumah Nelson while he was young and on top of his game.  But to be real he could never finish his career.  On with all that I move on to my next guy on  my list.  Canelo Saul Alvarez or some people call the Wendy's spokeswomen older Mexican brother.  When I first saw him I never thought he was Spanish nor did I even imagine he could not speak English.  I did however see his raw and explosive talent.  I sat down and watched him fight Euri Gonzalez, and trust me after that I said this kid is damn good.  Now he is Oscar's prize fighter, but the funny thing about this he is going to fight the man Oscar originally said he was going to pass the torch too.  Mr Victor Ortiz, and I feel he is in for a run for his money.  Lets start to look at certain components to the buildup of this fight.  First Ortiz was already scheduled twice to fight Andre Berto, but for some reason the boxing Gods did not want that fight to happen.  I mean first Berto is hurt, then the dude test positive for some type of enhancement drugs.  Somewhere in heaven, the likes of Johnny Tapia, Frazier, Gatti where sitting down just saying "Na we not going to let these 2 fight".  Because come on who did not want to see the rematch??  I mean yeah Victor did not do what he promised against Mayweather, but with Berto it was a war.  Knock down after knock down, and I was really anticipating this fight.  So it goes to my point, where I feel as Victor might be anxious to really fight.  Yea he is going to fight Jose Lopez, but lets not look past Lopez like Ortiz is doing.  I think Oscar has already figured out that Ortiz is just a guy that is not in a higher caliber than Alvarez, but has a name behind him.  To be honest I think it will be a very difficult fight more for Ortiz because he has always seemed to fail in huge opportunities.  Lets remind you against Maidana, and Mr Mayweather.  Alvarez right now is extremely cool, and does not seem to let no opponent get the best of him.  If we look at his past fights the only guy giving him problems was Alfonso Gomez, and he quickly put him out no problem.  When they put a old man Mosley in his face, all he did was out box him.  Not to forget made him retire.  So really who in the 154 division can take this dude out?  Yes he is a prospect, and it is beginning to heat up in his division, but as of right now no one.  Plus if there is he is still a little kid, and not even at his peak yet.  He is loved by all Mexican fans, and lets just hope Oscar keeps it that way and doesn't rush him.  Because again he is going to fight what I consider a rushed fighter, and maybe just  maybe Ortiz might have some left in his gasoline tank.  Or Ortiz could just let it be and fight till he cant fight no more.  I take Saul Alvarez 10 round KO.  To keep it moving because I have 3 more series to my blog where I talk about the young prospects.

  Danny Garcia, and lets be real who has not seen this kid come out of nowhere??  I remember when I saw him fight Kendall Holt, and beat him to decision.  Next thing you know I'm in a crowd watching him beat a Mexican Legend Erik Morales.  Lets not forget he knocked down Morales too.  The kid has raw raw power, and he hasn't even hit his peak yet.  He is fighting at a all time high, and has a tremendous team behind him.  Hailing from the mean streets of Philly he is continuing that show of how tough Philly fighters are.     To some he is a slow starter, and lacks explosiveness, but to me I see a young guy that really does not want to take a risk.  Instead he sits there, and waits for a opening and takes advantage.  This next fight for Danny is HUGE!!!  I mean he is taking on Britians finest in Amir Khan, and I seriously see him winning.  I also believe his chances of knocking out Khan are at a high right now.  Khan has proved his chin is not all there.  If we rewind the fight with Maidana, he was in serious trouble, but proved as all good champions to hang in.  Yea he did get robbed in the Peterson fight, but I know Garcia will not leave a question mark in this fight.  Not to mention Garcia is in a seat that some fighters which they could be in.  Just coming off a good fight against a strong opponent, now he faces a fighter that is in doubt.  A guy that some think could beat Floyd Mayweather.  A fighter that has proclaimed himself the fastest of them all.  Also a guy that my sources told me wobbled Paquiao.  I mean lets be real Khan is dangerous, but if all plays well Garcia is much more dangerous.  He has his back against the wall.  Khan just see's him as a stone to step on, but Garcia does not see it that way.  Come in July I think Garcia will be victorious, and he might just knock down Khan.  Because in person when he dropped Morales I seriously thought Morales was not going to get up.  Then when he did try to finish him the referee was acting very funny.  I really think this kid is on the road to greatness as he runs over his hurdles, and shows the world who he is.  Again you can hate me for my words, but love me for my truth.  This is part 2 of my blog, and tomorrow I will be on 3 when I cover more fighters.

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Boxing Prospects Career to Greatness 1

Just about a week ago a lot of critics deemed boxing dead.  They officially closed the casket on the sport and dug a whole 20 feet deep so it could never be revived.  But this weekend things began to turn around, and reality is it really is getting hot this summer.  I just do not mean the weather, but also the fight game!!  First we start with the overrated or maybe just very well took care of Chavez Jr.  He fought a mediocre fighter that some called a pushover, but somehow was able to get away with a KO.  After that in his interview the big big BIG question came upon. "Will you fight Sergio Martinez"?  his response, "Claro, lo voy a noquear en un round nadamas para que se calle la boca".  In English terms- " I will knock this chump out in one round so he can shut the FUCK up!".  Excuse my vulgar french non sense, but I like to put it out just how I see it.  So lets go down the list on that fight and see how intense that will be.  First why would a man be called "Maravilla"(Marvelous)? Why? Well let me say it like this, the guy has looked extremely marvelous in all of his prime fights.  He has disposed of fighters some people consider top notch, after they fought with Sergio they look like top notch bullshit.  So yea of course I am Sergio fan, and I truly think the gift is very gifted, and extremely hard to figure out the way he fights.  If Chavez Jr does go through with this fight I do not see him stand a chance.  I believe it could go 12 rounds of pure punishment, lets be honest the kid has not fought no one at the level of Sergio.  Nor has he really been in there with a guy that knocks people out that some call the most feared Ah La Mr Paul Williams (I am also very disappointed his career had to end that way).  There is really no more beating around the bush for Chavez its now or never, do or die, roll your dice, and play your cards you could win or strike out.  In this instant I think he will not succeed.  Not to disappoint all the Mexican people, but the kid is over rated comes in fat, looks like he drinks Corona's and eats Taco's outta the roach coach.  Hate for my thoughts, but love me for my facts.  Lets move away before I begin to really displease a lot the Mexican people.  Some will wonder why does this guy classify Sergio as a prospect if the dude is a champion.  Yea to all boxing fans he is, but to the media and the world that do not watch boxing still classify him as just a name.  So to their eyes I call him a prospect but a damn good one.  A guy that has been mentioned to likes of Paquiao, Mayweather.  So in all honesty right now he is a seat that is burning hot, and of course do not forget he is fight one of Bob Arum guys.  We all know how fat Jewish people get when they feel they are going to lose.  If Sergio allows Arum to set everything up he is in a whirlwind of trouble, but luckily he is promoted by Lou Dibella.  Which I know personally will not allow some bullshit like that to happen.  Lets move on because I have lots to write about this is only part 1 of my blog.  Next guy I love the way his career is going is good friend Omar Henry.  His next fight is huge to boxing fans, and huge to him.  He is now going to fight a guy that has some what credibility, but has fought big names in the Junior Middleweight division.  Of course I foresee maybe a KO in the rounds of 1-3, but I know Omar will take advantage of this opportunity and showcase his power, and boxing skills.  You can search around the message boards, and see the hate they have towards Omar.  Saying he is a diva in the boxing game, and he has not really fought no one.  But rest assure this year will be huge for the kid.  Word is from my own source he is in line for a belt by the end of this year.  Yea maybe Don King does not have power like he did.  But he sure as well give you a title.  To that extent Omar will crush all of his fights till he reaches that title shot.  Lets just be real, who have you seen just come with pure force in the first round better than Omar???  Anyone? OK I rest my case the kid is superb when it comes to intimidate his opponent.  I have talked to one guy he fought and he clearly said no man has ever rushed him with pure power like Omar has.  It just reminds of Mike Tysons time when he would stare down opponents, and crush them with viscous uppercuts.  The difference some people see Omar, and say oh aint the guy that appeared on TMZ? Was he not the one at he billboard awards?  I mean no question about his huge huge Celeb status.  But in the ring he has you seeing stars, and that is not only from his punches.  Once you touch the canvas and look up; you are staring at one of boxing's young stars.  Come June 23rd Omar will be victorious, and I predict a devastating KO.  Stay tuned as tomorrow I will continue my Blog I have more guys to talk about.  Keep following my Blog, and be on the lookout as I develop my site All New Thoughts.


Monday, June 11, 2012

Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Paquiao is not going to happen.

Saturday night Micheal Buffer read scorecards that sent the whole boxing community into a whirlwind of tragedy, total disrespect, and honestly love for the sport.  What could probably be the biggest robbery in the sport of boxing next to maybe Pernall Whitaker vs. Julio Cesar Chavez, might just be the dagger that long awaited boxing fans were not expecting.  Just maybe 6 months ago there where talks about a blockbuster fight which we could call the "Superbowl" of boxing between Mayweather and Paquiao was just a signature away from becoming a reality (trust me I have sources inside the mayweather camp).  Now this so called fight is off, no matter what numbers could be thrown on the table for both fighters, the fans will not buy it.  I know as fan of both fighters I am not going to buy it, and for what?  So something like Saturday could happen.  All fans now have to face the wall and either turn to UFC, or just wait for the next mega superstar to arise.  Some people may disagree with me but lets be honest and look at certain things why this fight is not as entertaining.  First Saturday match up should have been a walk in the park for Paquiao.  No matter what experts thought on paper Bradley has never fought opposition the magnitude of Paquiao, nor has he ever been in that position.  Also lets go back and look at how Paquiao life has changed drastically, from becoming a political figure to now becoming  Pastor Paquiao.  Also I hit the rewind button on the fight and clearly saw Paquiao hitting Bradley face flush with left's, and when they would close the gap Paquiao would come out the trenches hitting Bradley.  There was no indication that Paquiao was in trouble.  Second one key point to a mega fight happening is promoters, and lets be honest who are more stingy than JEWS???  Mr Arum is the white man of Don Kings, he is the Vince Mcmahon of boxing, or lets just call him a cheater.  He might as well could have ordered Bradley to load his gloves with plaster ( new name "Bradlecheato").  I mean anything in boxing that has controversy it all comes from Bob Arum.  Lets go back to Abril vs. Rios where seriously Abril was beating the crap out of a fat and lazy Brandon Rios.  That fight somehow Rios won?  Come on what hell kind of crack is Bob Arum smoking???  Lets not just blame it all on him lets go to the judges.  First thing is where the hell are these judges picked?  I mean is there a sign somewhere saying "Judge a boxing match this way".  Like do you just apply online and wait for you to judge a fight?  Shouldn't a judge be maybe a retired fighter? or someone with huge credible boxing experience.  To this day I do not know how the hell these guys are chosen, and once I find out I will apply.  Lets look at this, how much does a judge get paid?  I have contacted some of my sources, and have come up with a rough number in around there pay scale:
PPV Main Even Fights: $20,000-$37,000
PPV Under card fights: $8,000-$14,000
Televised Fights: $4,000-$7,400
Local Fights: $500-$3,000
Those numbers are just a rough estimate and they are in those numbers because trust my credible source was once a judge (but he was a former boxer himself).  So I mean these judges nowadays are just blind in this sport.  We need to seriously fight a way to obtain new judges, or just let Harold Lederman be the main judge.  Because every single fight he has done I have yet to disagree with his scorecard.  So now that all of Paquiao notes are covered lets look at the notes on why Floyd wont make the fight.  First the guy is locked up, and sources tell me he has not even thought about who he wants to fight.  All that is going through his head is to keep calm, workout while in jail, and behave.  From what I hear is no one is even looks at him, nor does he.  Being who he is he is very well respected, but you might get a idiot or two that want to test him.  Of course he knows that Manny lost this weekend, and really he doesn't care.  Is his camp disappointed of course they are, but not at Paquiao they are disappointed and Bob Arum for not allowing the fight to go through the first, and second time.  So I mean Floyd is still in his driver seat, but Paquiao is on Mr. Arum's booster seat waiting for daddy to tell him who to fight.  I have spoke to Floyd himself and he has said that he wants to fight Paquiao, and some of my other sources have told me Paquiao wants to fight, but it boils down to Bob Arum.  Second right now Floyd can fight whoever he wants and we all know he wants money, but is Paquiao still a top gunner with a controversial blemish on his record?  Can he still be that aggressive and dominating Paquiao, or will this lost take toll on him?  To be honest I think it will make him better, and in the second go he will destroy Bradley.  But he has to leave Bob Arum ASAP!!! BECAUSE THAT CHEAP JEW WILL NOT ALLOW THIS FIGHT TO HAPPEN!!!!  So lets be real Floyd could fight Cotto again and make more money because that fight was intense, or he could close the doubt against Victor Ortiz.  I mean and Paquiao could fight Marquez a forth time and maybe this time KO him?  There are still good fights for both men, but as of right now that fight is not even a consideration.  Thanks to Bob Arum and his crook gang, and don't forget the cross-eyed judges.

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Omar Henry the next Champion.

Omar D. Henry as we all know him or "O" Heeeeeenry!!! as others call him.  Maybe even Mini Mike, or what the boxing world calls the "Cotto Clone".  The most infamous prospect in boxing from being involved in Lohan  rumors, making appearances on TMZ to being a vital component in mayweathers camp.  This guy for all that don't know is the most dedicated and should be feared by all contenders.  Because the work he puts in 24/7 from learning different techniques, to watching videos of all time greats, then to squeeze in his life as a modern day celeb.  Or maybe to even helping the president run another election.
The kids record is untouchable knocking down all opponets and the wins from KO mostly all coming in the first round.  Once that bell rings your stepping into a whirl of hell with a hungry lion by the name of Omar Henry!!!!
For those that don't know him personally he is down right the most likable guy in the world.  He takes time to share his thoughts with others close to him.  Even opens up to those he just met.  He is a family man that see his fans as his family, and trust me that number is growing daily.  To be in his position is like striking gold with his skill sets, good looks, and status of being a fear opposition to even the champions now!!!  He is living life like no 25 year would, and that is on top of the world.
In this busy schedule of his he still finds time to write back to his fans, to call his fans, to skype his fans.  For those that are around him and follow him be prepared for June 23 because its lights out for any opponent that steps in the ring.  As Micheal Buffer would say "Lets get ready to Rumble!!!!!!!!!!!"

Thoughts on boxing

The weekend of May 5th was probably one of the most prolific dates in boxing.  For some it was too late for others it was just about time.  I of course was there to witness history.  Floyd Mayweather to some is a coward, a champion, a person that loves to brag.  To me he is a phenom that seems to get better every fight, but of course this could have been his first lost on a unblemished record.  8:18 a.m.  I checked into my hotel Golden Nugget, and could just feel the life in vegas about to erupt over the weekend. I had to walk the town and see what is out there so early, but the town was dead I mean its coffin was still not opened.  Still being a New Yorker I love to be awake all day and see whats out there.  I called my cousin which to me is the next wonder in the sport of boxing.  To elaborate  more he is not just a wonder, but extremely talented individual.  Omar Henry hailing from the mean streets of the windy city, but punching like a mini Mike Tyson.  Really is going to be a problem for anyone in the weight class.  But his friendship and love is like no other, a humble very close man that is open to fans, and anyone honest to him. Of course by the time I reached him it was time for the Floyds private event.
As you can see I met up with and Roger, and many more celebs from the boxing world.
But to the fact of the matter is that weekend was defining the sports and showing how Floyd is really going to take risk and fight fighters that will Fight.  I seriously believe that is Pac Man would get up off his ass and fight we could all be happy.  Since he is a puppet the master tells him when to move and when to dance then we will have to wait and see.  I seriously hate the way boxing is now.  There is no class in alot of fights there is no competition in alot of fights.  Its about the paycheck!!  But really 40 million dollars and he dont want to fight?!!  Bob Arum must really be paying this guy some out of the world money.  Give me 5 thousand I will fight Mike Tyson, Ali, Hearns, Chavez all the greats for 5 thousand a fight.  Or just give me a deal where it says my family will be taken care of the rest of they life.  I mean people let me hear your thoughts on what the heck this sport is becoming????