Monday, June 18, 2012

Boxing Prospect Career to greatness 2

So I continue my blog on a what I feel are the prospects of boxing and their career to greatness.  First thing before hand it was brought to my attention I was sort of bias on my last blog when it came towards Chavez Jr.  I mean we all are entitled to our opinion and I believe he is not such of a great fighter, nor did I believe his dad was.  I mean if we really want to play that card Salvador Sanchez should have been the greatest Mexican of that time.  The dude had what you call rubber lungs, never did he ever look tired.  Plus he actually fought guys while moving up in class, and out punched, and destroyed big names at that time. The dude only lost once.  But he was the one that stopped Azumah Nelson while he was young and on top of his game.  But to be real he could never finish his career.  On with all that I move on to my next guy on  my list.  Canelo Saul Alvarez or some people call the Wendy's spokeswomen older Mexican brother.  When I first saw him I never thought he was Spanish nor did I even imagine he could not speak English.  I did however see his raw and explosive talent.  I sat down and watched him fight Euri Gonzalez, and trust me after that I said this kid is damn good.  Now he is Oscar's prize fighter, but the funny thing about this he is going to fight the man Oscar originally said he was going to pass the torch too.  Mr Victor Ortiz, and I feel he is in for a run for his money.  Lets start to look at certain components to the buildup of this fight.  First Ortiz was already scheduled twice to fight Andre Berto, but for some reason the boxing Gods did not want that fight to happen.  I mean first Berto is hurt, then the dude test positive for some type of enhancement drugs.  Somewhere in heaven, the likes of Johnny Tapia, Frazier, Gatti where sitting down just saying "Na we not going to let these 2 fight".  Because come on who did not want to see the rematch??  I mean yeah Victor did not do what he promised against Mayweather, but with Berto it was a war.  Knock down after knock down, and I was really anticipating this fight.  So it goes to my point, where I feel as Victor might be anxious to really fight.  Yea he is going to fight Jose Lopez, but lets not look past Lopez like Ortiz is doing.  I think Oscar has already figured out that Ortiz is just a guy that is not in a higher caliber than Alvarez, but has a name behind him.  To be honest I think it will be a very difficult fight more for Ortiz because he has always seemed to fail in huge opportunities.  Lets remind you against Maidana, and Mr Mayweather.  Alvarez right now is extremely cool, and does not seem to let no opponent get the best of him.  If we look at his past fights the only guy giving him problems was Alfonso Gomez, and he quickly put him out no problem.  When they put a old man Mosley in his face, all he did was out box him.  Not to forget made him retire.  So really who in the 154 division can take this dude out?  Yes he is a prospect, and it is beginning to heat up in his division, but as of right now no one.  Plus if there is he is still a little kid, and not even at his peak yet.  He is loved by all Mexican fans, and lets just hope Oscar keeps it that way and doesn't rush him.  Because again he is going to fight what I consider a rushed fighter, and maybe just  maybe Ortiz might have some left in his gasoline tank.  Or Ortiz could just let it be and fight till he cant fight no more.  I take Saul Alvarez 10 round KO.  To keep it moving because I have 3 more series to my blog where I talk about the young prospects.

  Danny Garcia, and lets be real who has not seen this kid come out of nowhere??  I remember when I saw him fight Kendall Holt, and beat him to decision.  Next thing you know I'm in a crowd watching him beat a Mexican Legend Erik Morales.  Lets not forget he knocked down Morales too.  The kid has raw raw power, and he hasn't even hit his peak yet.  He is fighting at a all time high, and has a tremendous team behind him.  Hailing from the mean streets of Philly he is continuing that show of how tough Philly fighters are.     To some he is a slow starter, and lacks explosiveness, but to me I see a young guy that really does not want to take a risk.  Instead he sits there, and waits for a opening and takes advantage.  This next fight for Danny is HUGE!!!  I mean he is taking on Britians finest in Amir Khan, and I seriously see him winning.  I also believe his chances of knocking out Khan are at a high right now.  Khan has proved his chin is not all there.  If we rewind the fight with Maidana, he was in serious trouble, but proved as all good champions to hang in.  Yea he did get robbed in the Peterson fight, but I know Garcia will not leave a question mark in this fight.  Not to mention Garcia is in a seat that some fighters which they could be in.  Just coming off a good fight against a strong opponent, now he faces a fighter that is in doubt.  A guy that some think could beat Floyd Mayweather.  A fighter that has proclaimed himself the fastest of them all.  Also a guy that my sources told me wobbled Paquiao.  I mean lets be real Khan is dangerous, but if all plays well Garcia is much more dangerous.  He has his back against the wall.  Khan just see's him as a stone to step on, but Garcia does not see it that way.  Come in July I think Garcia will be victorious, and he might just knock down Khan.  Because in person when he dropped Morales I seriously thought Morales was not going to get up.  Then when he did try to finish him the referee was acting very funny.  I really think this kid is on the road to greatness as he runs over his hurdles, and shows the world who he is.  Again you can hate me for my words, but love me for my truth.  This is part 2 of my blog, and tomorrow I will be on 3 when I cover more fighters.

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