Thursday, June 28, 2012

Omar Henry vs. Erislandy Lara

Well the title of this blog says it all.  Omar Henry vs. Erislandy Lara is currently in the works, and from my sources this rumor is shaping out to be a reality.  Where does this come from? Well....Lara has been complaining that he is not receiving top notch competition, and he has been calling out Canelo.  But on the other side Omar has called all fighters out coming from his 12 victory a 10 round decision.  And he started with K9, then Canelo, but since both might either fight each other, or someone else.  Of course that being if K9 beats Spinks which Spinks is out to win more than ever.  So that leaves lots of names out there, but these two guys somehow have connections.  Omar lived in Houston, trained in Houston, and was fighting out of Houston.  Now Lara same thing almost trains in Houston, lives in Houston, but fights from Cuba.  First both have to get pass their fight in July.  Which for Omar this year is going to be busy, and for Lara its finding that gold at the end of the rainbow.  From what seems to be early for Omar, its perfectly at the right time.  When boxing needs a savior you have these 2 guys that are hungry to become that person.  Yes Lara has fought better opposition, but Omar has sparred and stepped in the ring with the man some might call the lb for lb man out now.  So both mean have had good work, and just saying that Omar sparred top guys doesn't mean he can not hang.  Because yes sparring is a lot different, but it shows a lot when you do 10-12 rounds with these guys day after day.  Omar is a fan favorite and brings a whole international fan base with him.  As far as Lara he brings lots of media that would like to see him shut up already.  Could Omar be that guy that does that?  Or could Lara be Omar's road block to a championship belt.  What is making boxing much more interesting even after lots of controversy is the fact the you guns are really stepping up and taking on guys on top.  Again this fight is still in the works and just stay tune into my blog as I post more updates.  As of right now my sources say this fight is in the works, and if does happen lets get ready to see guns blazing.  From what I know as of right now Omar is ready for sometime in August, and so is Lara.  Its up to both promoters to lay it all down and let all fight fans see a tremendous fight!!!!

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