Sunday, June 17, 2012

Boxing Prospects Career to Greatness 1

Just about a week ago a lot of critics deemed boxing dead.  They officially closed the casket on the sport and dug a whole 20 feet deep so it could never be revived.  But this weekend things began to turn around, and reality is it really is getting hot this summer.  I just do not mean the weather, but also the fight game!!  First we start with the overrated or maybe just very well took care of Chavez Jr.  He fought a mediocre fighter that some called a pushover, but somehow was able to get away with a KO.  After that in his interview the big big BIG question came upon. "Will you fight Sergio Martinez"?  his response, "Claro, lo voy a noquear en un round nadamas para que se calle la boca".  In English terms- " I will knock this chump out in one round so he can shut the FUCK up!".  Excuse my vulgar french non sense, but I like to put it out just how I see it.  So lets go down the list on that fight and see how intense that will be.  First why would a man be called "Maravilla"(Marvelous)? Why? Well let me say it like this, the guy has looked extremely marvelous in all of his prime fights.  He has disposed of fighters some people consider top notch, after they fought with Sergio they look like top notch bullshit.  So yea of course I am Sergio fan, and I truly think the gift is very gifted, and extremely hard to figure out the way he fights.  If Chavez Jr does go through with this fight I do not see him stand a chance.  I believe it could go 12 rounds of pure punishment, lets be honest the kid has not fought no one at the level of Sergio.  Nor has he really been in there with a guy that knocks people out that some call the most feared Ah La Mr Paul Williams (I am also very disappointed his career had to end that way).  There is really no more beating around the bush for Chavez its now or never, do or die, roll your dice, and play your cards you could win or strike out.  In this instant I think he will not succeed.  Not to disappoint all the Mexican people, but the kid is over rated comes in fat, looks like he drinks Corona's and eats Taco's outta the roach coach.  Hate for my thoughts, but love me for my facts.  Lets move away before I begin to really displease a lot the Mexican people.  Some will wonder why does this guy classify Sergio as a prospect if the dude is a champion.  Yea to all boxing fans he is, but to the media and the world that do not watch boxing still classify him as just a name.  So to their eyes I call him a prospect but a damn good one.  A guy that has been mentioned to likes of Paquiao, Mayweather.  So in all honesty right now he is a seat that is burning hot, and of course do not forget he is fight one of Bob Arum guys.  We all know how fat Jewish people get when they feel they are going to lose.  If Sergio allows Arum to set everything up he is in a whirlwind of trouble, but luckily he is promoted by Lou Dibella.  Which I know personally will not allow some bullshit like that to happen.  Lets move on because I have lots to write about this is only part 1 of my blog.  Next guy I love the way his career is going is good friend Omar Henry.  His next fight is huge to boxing fans, and huge to him.  He is now going to fight a guy that has some what credibility, but has fought big names in the Junior Middleweight division.  Of course I foresee maybe a KO in the rounds of 1-3, but I know Omar will take advantage of this opportunity and showcase his power, and boxing skills.  You can search around the message boards, and see the hate they have towards Omar.  Saying he is a diva in the boxing game, and he has not really fought no one.  But rest assure this year will be huge for the kid.  Word is from my own source he is in line for a belt by the end of this year.  Yea maybe Don King does not have power like he did.  But he sure as well give you a title.  To that extent Omar will crush all of his fights till he reaches that title shot.  Lets just be real, who have you seen just come with pure force in the first round better than Omar???  Anyone? OK I rest my case the kid is superb when it comes to intimidate his opponent.  I have talked to one guy he fought and he clearly said no man has ever rushed him with pure power like Omar has.  It just reminds of Mike Tysons time when he would stare down opponents, and crush them with viscous uppercuts.  The difference some people see Omar, and say oh aint the guy that appeared on TMZ? Was he not the one at he billboard awards?  I mean no question about his huge huge Celeb status.  But in the ring he has you seeing stars, and that is not only from his punches.  Once you touch the canvas and look up; you are staring at one of boxing's young stars.  Come June 23rd Omar will be victorious, and I predict a devastating KO.  Stay tuned as tomorrow I will continue my Blog I have more guys to talk about.  Keep following my Blog, and be on the lookout as I develop my site All New Thoughts.


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