Monday, June 11, 2012

Floyd Mayweather vs. Manny Paquiao is not going to happen.

Saturday night Micheal Buffer read scorecards that sent the whole boxing community into a whirlwind of tragedy, total disrespect, and honestly love for the sport.  What could probably be the biggest robbery in the sport of boxing next to maybe Pernall Whitaker vs. Julio Cesar Chavez, might just be the dagger that long awaited boxing fans were not expecting.  Just maybe 6 months ago there where talks about a blockbuster fight which we could call the "Superbowl" of boxing between Mayweather and Paquiao was just a signature away from becoming a reality (trust me I have sources inside the mayweather camp).  Now this so called fight is off, no matter what numbers could be thrown on the table for both fighters, the fans will not buy it.  I know as fan of both fighters I am not going to buy it, and for what?  So something like Saturday could happen.  All fans now have to face the wall and either turn to UFC, or just wait for the next mega superstar to arise.  Some people may disagree with me but lets be honest and look at certain things why this fight is not as entertaining.  First Saturday match up should have been a walk in the park for Paquiao.  No matter what experts thought on paper Bradley has never fought opposition the magnitude of Paquiao, nor has he ever been in that position.  Also lets go back and look at how Paquiao life has changed drastically, from becoming a political figure to now becoming  Pastor Paquiao.  Also I hit the rewind button on the fight and clearly saw Paquiao hitting Bradley face flush with left's, and when they would close the gap Paquiao would come out the trenches hitting Bradley.  There was no indication that Paquiao was in trouble.  Second one key point to a mega fight happening is promoters, and lets be honest who are more stingy than JEWS???  Mr Arum is the white man of Don Kings, he is the Vince Mcmahon of boxing, or lets just call him a cheater.  He might as well could have ordered Bradley to load his gloves with plaster ( new name "Bradlecheato").  I mean anything in boxing that has controversy it all comes from Bob Arum.  Lets go back to Abril vs. Rios where seriously Abril was beating the crap out of a fat and lazy Brandon Rios.  That fight somehow Rios won?  Come on what hell kind of crack is Bob Arum smoking???  Lets not just blame it all on him lets go to the judges.  First thing is where the hell are these judges picked?  I mean is there a sign somewhere saying "Judge a boxing match this way".  Like do you just apply online and wait for you to judge a fight?  Shouldn't a judge be maybe a retired fighter? or someone with huge credible boxing experience.  To this day I do not know how the hell these guys are chosen, and once I find out I will apply.  Lets look at this, how much does a judge get paid?  I have contacted some of my sources, and have come up with a rough number in around there pay scale:
PPV Main Even Fights: $20,000-$37,000
PPV Under card fights: $8,000-$14,000
Televised Fights: $4,000-$7,400
Local Fights: $500-$3,000
Those numbers are just a rough estimate and they are in those numbers because trust my credible source was once a judge (but he was a former boxer himself).  So I mean these judges nowadays are just blind in this sport.  We need to seriously fight a way to obtain new judges, or just let Harold Lederman be the main judge.  Because every single fight he has done I have yet to disagree with his scorecard.  So now that all of Paquiao notes are covered lets look at the notes on why Floyd wont make the fight.  First the guy is locked up, and sources tell me he has not even thought about who he wants to fight.  All that is going through his head is to keep calm, workout while in jail, and behave.  From what I hear is no one is even looks at him, nor does he.  Being who he is he is very well respected, but you might get a idiot or two that want to test him.  Of course he knows that Manny lost this weekend, and really he doesn't care.  Is his camp disappointed of course they are, but not at Paquiao they are disappointed and Bob Arum for not allowing the fight to go through the first, and second time.  So I mean Floyd is still in his driver seat, but Paquiao is on Mr. Arum's booster seat waiting for daddy to tell him who to fight.  I have spoke to Floyd himself and he has said that he wants to fight Paquiao, and some of my other sources have told me Paquiao wants to fight, but it boils down to Bob Arum.  Second right now Floyd can fight whoever he wants and we all know he wants money, but is Paquiao still a top gunner with a controversial blemish on his record?  Can he still be that aggressive and dominating Paquiao, or will this lost take toll on him?  To be honest I think it will make him better, and in the second go he will destroy Bradley.  But he has to leave Bob Arum ASAP!!! BECAUSE THAT CHEAP JEW WILL NOT ALLOW THIS FIGHT TO HAPPEN!!!!  So lets be real Floyd could fight Cotto again and make more money because that fight was intense, or he could close the doubt against Victor Ortiz.  I mean and Paquiao could fight Marquez a forth time and maybe this time KO him?  There are still good fights for both men, but as of right now that fight is not even a consideration.  Thanks to Bob Arum and his crook gang, and don't forget the cross-eyed judges.

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