Thursday, June 7, 2012

Omar Henry the next Champion.

Omar D. Henry as we all know him or "O" Heeeeeenry!!! as others call him.  Maybe even Mini Mike, or what the boxing world calls the "Cotto Clone".  The most infamous prospect in boxing from being involved in Lohan  rumors, making appearances on TMZ to being a vital component in mayweathers camp.  This guy for all that don't know is the most dedicated and should be feared by all contenders.  Because the work he puts in 24/7 from learning different techniques, to watching videos of all time greats, then to squeeze in his life as a modern day celeb.  Or maybe to even helping the president run another election.
The kids record is untouchable knocking down all opponets and the wins from KO mostly all coming in the first round.  Once that bell rings your stepping into a whirl of hell with a hungry lion by the name of Omar Henry!!!!
For those that don't know him personally he is down right the most likable guy in the world.  He takes time to share his thoughts with others close to him.  Even opens up to those he just met.  He is a family man that see his fans as his family, and trust me that number is growing daily.  To be in his position is like striking gold with his skill sets, good looks, and status of being a fear opposition to even the champions now!!!  He is living life like no 25 year would, and that is on top of the world.
In this busy schedule of his he still finds time to write back to his fans, to call his fans, to skype his fans.  For those that are around him and follow him be prepared for June 23 because its lights out for any opponent that steps in the ring.  As Micheal Buffer would say "Lets get ready to Rumble!!!!!!!!!!!"

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