Thursday, June 28, 2012

Where are you Opponent? Saul Canelo Alvarez

The question is really where is my opponent?  I don't know if maybe the Nike air Yeezy are coming back out  or is it just Canelo's bad luck on not having a opponent?  The kid is ready and he has already lost 3 guys.  One to a tragic accident, the next to.. well lets not get too much into detail but I believe was not prepared, and knew Canelo would take his head off.  Then the next guy just has no kind of heart.  I mean OK lets be real maybe his jaw was broken that serious or just he did not want to continue.  I have seen fighters (Gatti, Ali) that have continued with serious injuries in there fights.  That is what made them PPV guys, and fan favorites.   Because Gatti was not much of a boxer more of a slugger, but he could sell out Atlantic city any day at any time.  Lets be real Victor Ortiz has been on the decline.  Ever since maidana made him his step child he has not been the same.  Yea he did have a tremendous fight with Berto, but even I watched that fight and really thought Berto could have won.  If he continued to apply much more pressure.  Some say I don't like Ortiz, that is not the case.  What I don't like is he has had his chance way too many times, and he fails all the time.  Maybe its time for him to hang it up or just take some time off.  Then later on try to come back.  His name will always ring bells to all boxing fans, but to critics his name wont even slide in through the doggy door.  So by that lets go to the subject; Where is my opponent?  Is what Canelo is demanding so we should look at who is out there still?  Lets start with Saturdays winner Joselito Lopez its all fair and done if he should fight Canelo.  He did beat the guy that was in line for him.  That makes him a much better foe, and  maybe not a quitter.  Because if we all say  the same fight I still wonder how was his face that bad and he stuck in there and kept fighting?  The kid had maybe 2 hearts, and determination.  His case is now open, so Mr. Schaefer lets begin to negotiate with this kid.  Give him 30% maybe and he will still take the fight.  The kid was suppose to be a pushover, but instead he pushed over Ortiz then broke his jaw.  Yea his name does not bring in a crowd, but now it will.  Because people would want to see if he hits that hard even possibly taking out Canelo.  This guy is in drivers seat, and trust me I would not even give Ortiz a rematch.  Let him take time off and rethink what he wants to do.  Another guy that Canelo could fight is Miguel Cotto.  Yea he might not be ready, but he is the biggest name available, but Cotto would want everything to go his way.  Pay wise, glove size, everything and you ask why?  The guy is a champion and brings a huge crowd wherever he goes.  Plus this will spark the old rivalry up again Mexico vs. Puerto Rico.  Which lots and lots of fans love it, its like giving the boxing game steroids.  That fight will pump up fans to keep watching.  Because we all know what to expect from Cotto, a hard fight, a exciting fight, a slug fest if it has to.  Then the same from Canelo will his chin test good against Cotto power?  Will his speed or boxing abilities match Cotto?  There is questions that need anwsers, and maybe just maybe that is the fight boxing needs right now.  So Lets keep it moving what big name is next?  Maybe the underrated fighter named Erislandy Lara?  Some say he does not deserve a shot but lets be 1000% honest and say he did beat Paul Williams.  Being he was the shorter guy and his record did not show a lot of experience.  He has been begging for a chance to prove his legitimate contender status.  I think he deserves one, but he is rushing himself also throw him someone just as hungry?  Hmmm?  Lets say Omar Henry vs. Erislandy Lara?  why not just put that under the Canelo fight.  If I had the pull to make this happen I would.  Of course all I have is sources thats all for now.  But I think if fans petition it it could happen.  Maybe some sort of tournament style involving all those names I just said.  Throw in Spinks, and K9 also give them their chance.  Dont forgot about Angulo he is in the mix.  Throw a big tournament make boxing exciting again.  I just need to own my own promotion so I could make it happen.  I know all of the guys I mentioned would be willing to join.  When they did the super 6, it showed the surge of Andre Ward presence.  Plus the dominating force he is.  Speaking of Him I take him 12 round decision over a desperate Chad Dawson.  Thats all I have for now, but this whole week the question is WHERE IS MY OPPONENT??

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