Sunday, July 15, 2012

Danny Garcia king of 140?

Saturday July 14 might have been the day we crown a new king, and a star has blossomed. With what all experts and people said was suppose to be a walk through.  Even the HBO commentators kept on saying on how Khan would be fighting Mayweather after this, and how Danny was being rushed into the spotlight.  After all that I still believed Danny could do what he had to do and that was win.  Pretty or not he was going to win.  Yea lets give Khan credit because when this fight was being rumored I myself thought Khan was taking a risk against a hungry young man.  To me Danny skills are skill being polished, but on and on he has showed he has elite power.  When Khan promised he was going to KO Danny, it really just showed that he was going to go into the trenches and slug it out.  Which if I was in his corner I would have told him not too.  Not the smartest thing to do against a kid that has showed one good punch he can seriously hurt you.  Just ask Morales who all of a sudden now is asking for a rematch too.  That is not because he thought he won, but now Danny is the Cash man in the 140 division.  So he wants to take as much of money with him before he retires.  Now lets look at certain things.  Where does Khan go from here?  If I was in his shoes first thing I would do is take a long vacation, being to weight my options.  I would not move up in class because those fighters in 147 are much stronger and much faster.  So I would stay in 140, and search for maybe a big tuneup style fight.  Maybe convince Bradley to finally fight me which in many boxing heads mind want to see that happen.  Invite Bradley to fight in England, and that could turn out huge numbers.  Plus Bradley is not such a power puncher so Khan would be able to showcase his skills and box him.  That would be a ideal option.  You then have the chance to also fight Alexander, and you could put up a fight with him too.  To me Khan is not done, but he should not fight a power puncher as of right now.  As far as Danny he can just go for the big dogs.  I would go straight to Juan Manuel Marquez, and challenge him.  That would be super big, and it can just sell with the title of Mexico vs. Puerto Rico, which all fans would buy it.  It would bring back memories.  Some may criticize me, but I don't think Marquez is done and he could give Danny lots of problems.  If not Marquez then I would go straight to Lucas, and challenge him.  But after last nights fight I got off the phone with team Danny, and rumor is Zab Judah is already in line for a December fight.  Danny is being considered, and to my understanding Judah team has already sent a offer to fight.  If its true it will be on the under card of Cotto as he fights in December too in Yankee Stadium.  Which of course golden boy will be promoting also, and they will make it big.  To end I just want to say BOXING IS NOT DEAD!!!


Friday, July 13, 2012

Danny Garcia vs. Amir Khan.

So we have this Saturday a fight that many people are over looking, and it should be a good fight.  First on one corner we have Amir "King" Khan who some have said is the best British boxer right now.  He has proved to be pretty good against good competition.  He also has showed he dish out damage, but the biggest question mark is his chin.  Can he take hard shots all night?  Can he go into a war if he has too.  So far his hardest fight he lost, and maybe if the fight with Maidana would have gone 15 rounds like back then he could have lost.  He is very fast, and has a wicked jab, but for some reason his jaw can be touched.  He needs to really on quick movement, and angle punching in order to confuse his opponent.  His power is not questioned because he has flashed that break you down style to literally hit you 2 to 3 punches that by the last your on your knees.   Just ask Maidana who took two body  blows, then 3 seconds later he hit the canvas.  If the case was that he could take a punch then he would be a clear winner with no problem.  That is not the case this time, he is going against maybe a slow fighter.  That does not take risk but also fights with a power some can not see.  I saw Danny fight Morales, and when he dropped Morales it seemed as he would not get back up.  But of course Morales is a tough guy, and he knew if he did not get it he would seriously be done.  That fight some say was boring, and did not show Danny can fight.  Danny did fight very smart countered when needed, box when needed, and exchanged when needed.  Now this fight with Amir, I don't think Danny should exchange.  Rather I see him walking 12 rounds backwards, and throwing counters. By the way it looks one of those counters will impact damage to Amir jaw.  I see it going 12 rounds, and Danny pulls a upset over Amir.  I think Amir is still focused on somehow getting revenge from his Peterson loss, and he is looking past Danny.  I think he is a little too worried about that and moving up to 147.  I like this fight a lot, and I expect fireworks and someone will be touching the canvas.  The thing is also can Danny take a punch?  He has not fought a big puncher other than Kendall Holt, and he really is one of those fighters that can sneak a good one in.  Not really a guy that can go to war with you.  Holt has that one unseen punch that can cause a whole world of issues for anyone.  I do see Amir hitting Danny hard, and even dropping him.  But I think Danny should be able to get up and come back strong.  However it goes should be a good fight, and will be one of those you don't want to miss.


Monday, July 2, 2012

Omar Henry Interview.

Today we have the up and coming contender Omar "OH" Henry.

A.N.T: Omar Henry how you doing?
OMAR: I am good man, feeling good out in Puerto Rico enjoying my vacation.
A.N.T:  I see you are coming off a 10 round demolishing through a very tough opponent, could you run us through your victory?
OMAR:  Well I first want to thank God for allowing me to step in the ring, and also all my family, friends, and fans for the support and watching my fight.  Of course as you saw the guy was tough, but there where times where the referee could have stopped it but hey that is boxing.  No complain from me, but I did what I came to do and that was win.
A.N.T:  It seemed like the guy was taking some serious damage, do you think this fight was critical to your road to a championship?
OMAR:  Of course, biggest reason lots of critics said I would not last 10 rounds, and I proved I did.  I showcased my boxing ability, my defense, ducking and dodging punches.
A.N.T:  OK after you fight they asked you who do you want next?  You called out some names, but rumor is the guys you said are going to fight each other.  Where does that leave you?
OMAR:  It really does not affect me at all, because Don has already signed me up for fights this year, and if all goes well I should be ending this year at 15-0.  That is really where my name will be in the mix.  As of right now I call guys out but lets be honest I do not think they want to fight me.
A.N.T:  Do you think its because your record?  Or because they feel its a step back?  Maybe they do not want to risk a lost?
OMAR:  I think its really the way boxing is now.  Back then you can see people would call you out and in 6 months your in the ring with them.  Now guys like to dodge, and hide in any kind of way.  There is lots of boxers that have said I have no skills, but when they see me in person they act like friends.
A.N.T:  We wont really get into a lot of that, but if a situation arose where a fighter said in articles that you have no skills?  And there team comes out and wants to fight would you?
OMAR:  Of course.  Again I have put in work with champions not chumps. and it seems like some guys love to talk about me.  Maybe there jealous of me or how many fans I have.  I mean again I am calling all 154 fighters. I am ready all they have to do is call Don King and tell them that they want to fight.  I am going to be the king of 154 its a PROMISE!!.
A.N.T: Well Omar thank you for your time I hope you achieve greatness in your career and keep it moving.  Hopefully this year we see more of you in action.
OMAR:  Thanks man, again I want everyone to write down on their calendar July 28 I will be in action again.  Follow me on Twitter @OmarHenry, and look for me on Facebook.