Friday, July 13, 2012

Danny Garcia vs. Amir Khan.

So we have this Saturday a fight that many people are over looking, and it should be a good fight.  First on one corner we have Amir "King" Khan who some have said is the best British boxer right now.  He has proved to be pretty good against good competition.  He also has showed he dish out damage, but the biggest question mark is his chin.  Can he take hard shots all night?  Can he go into a war if he has too.  So far his hardest fight he lost, and maybe if the fight with Maidana would have gone 15 rounds like back then he could have lost.  He is very fast, and has a wicked jab, but for some reason his jaw can be touched.  He needs to really on quick movement, and angle punching in order to confuse his opponent.  His power is not questioned because he has flashed that break you down style to literally hit you 2 to 3 punches that by the last your on your knees.   Just ask Maidana who took two body  blows, then 3 seconds later he hit the canvas.  If the case was that he could take a punch then he would be a clear winner with no problem.  That is not the case this time, he is going against maybe a slow fighter.  That does not take risk but also fights with a power some can not see.  I saw Danny fight Morales, and when he dropped Morales it seemed as he would not get back up.  But of course Morales is a tough guy, and he knew if he did not get it he would seriously be done.  That fight some say was boring, and did not show Danny can fight.  Danny did fight very smart countered when needed, box when needed, and exchanged when needed.  Now this fight with Amir, I don't think Danny should exchange.  Rather I see him walking 12 rounds backwards, and throwing counters. By the way it looks one of those counters will impact damage to Amir jaw.  I see it going 12 rounds, and Danny pulls a upset over Amir.  I think Amir is still focused on somehow getting revenge from his Peterson loss, and he is looking past Danny.  I think he is a little too worried about that and moving up to 147.  I like this fight a lot, and I expect fireworks and someone will be touching the canvas.  The thing is also can Danny take a punch?  He has not fought a big puncher other than Kendall Holt, and he really is one of those fighters that can sneak a good one in.  Not really a guy that can go to war with you.  Holt has that one unseen punch that can cause a whole world of issues for anyone.  I do see Amir hitting Danny hard, and even dropping him.  But I think Danny should be able to get up and come back strong.  However it goes should be a good fight, and will be one of those you don't want to miss.


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