Thursday, June 7, 2012

Thoughts on boxing

The weekend of May 5th was probably one of the most prolific dates in boxing.  For some it was too late for others it was just about time.  I of course was there to witness history.  Floyd Mayweather to some is a coward, a champion, a person that loves to brag.  To me he is a phenom that seems to get better every fight, but of course this could have been his first lost on a unblemished record.  8:18 a.m.  I checked into my hotel Golden Nugget, and could just feel the life in vegas about to erupt over the weekend. I had to walk the town and see what is out there so early, but the town was dead I mean its coffin was still not opened.  Still being a New Yorker I love to be awake all day and see whats out there.  I called my cousin which to me is the next wonder in the sport of boxing.  To elaborate  more he is not just a wonder, but extremely talented individual.  Omar Henry hailing from the mean streets of the windy city, but punching like a mini Mike Tyson.  Really is going to be a problem for anyone in the weight class.  But his friendship and love is like no other, a humble very close man that is open to fans, and anyone honest to him. Of course by the time I reached him it was time for the Floyds private event.
As you can see I met up with and Roger, and many more celebs from the boxing world.
But to the fact of the matter is that weekend was defining the sports and showing how Floyd is really going to take risk and fight fighters that will Fight.  I seriously believe that is Pac Man would get up off his ass and fight we could all be happy.  Since he is a puppet the master tells him when to move and when to dance then we will have to wait and see.  I seriously hate the way boxing is now.  There is no class in alot of fights there is no competition in alot of fights.  Its about the paycheck!!  But really 40 million dollars and he dont want to fight?!!  Bob Arum must really be paying this guy some out of the world money.  Give me 5 thousand I will fight Mike Tyson, Ali, Hearns, Chavez all the greats for 5 thousand a fight.  Or just give me a deal where it says my family will be taken care of the rest of they life.  I mean people let me hear your thoughts on what the heck this sport is becoming????

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