Sunday, February 3, 2013

Thoughts from the heart for my friend Omar Henry

It was just a 3 weeks ago that we spoke on the phone, and you where telling me how you felt that in no way possible you could be that sick. You where strong, in shape, always training, felt good but for some reason this sickness appeared. My words to you where to stay positive and continue to fight with God by your side. He will cleanse you of all sickness and you will wake up a new man. That was our last conversation after that it just became texts. By that time I knew you needed support so I went out to see you in Chicago. When I entered the room and seen you in a form I couldn't imagine, all I could think is how did this happen. All that was going through my mind was how? Why? and when? Did you get like this? In a form that I could feel and see your bones. It hurt me and I began to pray for your recovery, and for God to give you a testimony that would move walls. A story that would give people chills of how powerful God is. But 4 days later he gave you something better, a first class ticket to paradise. Where you will be welcomed as a champion. Where the trumpets would sound and the party would begin. It's hurts me a lot to know all this and see you in your last moments. But it makes me proud to know you did everything a 25 year old would do. Your accomplishment can not even be tested. I still remember when you called me and said you just left court and talked to YMZ about being on show. They had told you the chances of your skit making it where slim. I told you don't worry once they see your smile and charisma they will buy it. 3 days later you called me in joy saying TMZ put you on the show. I jumped up off the couch in joy to know my best friend was already making a buzz and still did not have a title belt. Things like those make me a proud brother, it makes me thank God for our good times. Now I go back to Chicago to see you have the greatest funeral you would want to have. I love you my brother no words can describe how much I miss you. I will see you one day in heaven. Anyone reading this please don't be shy to help his family give him a proper burial.

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